Master Fabio Santos

Exclusive Opportunity to Learn from Master Fabio Santos

Master Fabio Santos (7th Degree Red and Black Belt)

Master Fabio Santos (7th Degree Red and Black Belt)

We at Circle of Iron BJJ are all about bringing our fans and fighters the greatest opportunities to grow as BJJ practitioners!

At this moment, our level of excitement is through the roof because we are proud to announce that a true legend and Master of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Master Fabio Santos (7th Degree Red and Black Belt) has graciously offered to host a private seminar for all Circle of Iron BJJ competitors on the morning of our 2014 Spring Championships!

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

You will have the opportunity to spend an hour and a half with a true master of the Art and learn from his many years of experience. There are only approximately 20 Coral Belt (Red and Black) Jiu Jitsu masters…the opportunity to learn from one is truly an honor! Keep reading to find out more about Master Santos and how you can sign up!



This seminar is only open to Competitors in the Circle of Iron 2014 Spring Championships. It will be held on May 3, 2014 at the tournament.



All competitors can add the seminar to their registration fee for an additional $20


Master Fabio Santos Bio

Team Fabio Santos San Diego California

Fabio Santos is a 7th degree (7º grau) jiu jitsu coral belt (black & red) awarded by Relson Gracie, having graduated as a black belt under Rickson Gracie. A former student of the legendary Rolls Gracie, Fabio Santos was also one of the first BJJ black belts to come to the United States of America, in the 1980’s, after travelling around the US, he settled in San Diego – California where established one of the most respected BJJ academies in the country. Master Fabio Santos is also a veteran competitor with several important titles under his belt, who was still actively competing when in his 50’s. (Bio from BJJ Heroes).

Instructor Lineage

Mitsuyo “Count Koma” Maeda → Carlos Gracie, Sr. → Helio Gracie → Rolls Gracie → Fábio Santos


  • 1996 World Jiu-Jitsu Champion
  • 1996 Pan American Champion
  • 1999 Gameness Champion
  • 2000 World Jiu-Jitsu Champion
  • 2003 Pan American Champion
  • 2003 US Open- Black Belt Masters Champion
  • 2004 United Gracie- Black Belt Superfight Champion
  • 2005 Black Belt Pro Am- Superfight Champion
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