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Our Goal Constant Improvement

Our Goal Constant Improvement

We are absolutely committed to being the Midwest’s premier BJJ championship event! To accomplish this, our staff constantly reviews our past events and they try to find ways were we can improve. We do this in a number of different ways, but the most important tool we have is our fans and the honest feedback that they provide! We take all of this feedback and make adjustments to ensure that the Circle of Iron BJJ Championships remain on top!


Upcoming Changes

Circle of Iron BJJ is always looking to improve

We received a ton of great feedback and suggestions from our last event, and we want to thank everyone who offered input. After thoughtful consideration, we have decided to make a few changes for our next event. The first change affects scheduling for weigh-ins. Youth divisions will weigh in prior to the rules meeting, and adults will weigh in after the rules meeting. This will give more time for Youth divisions to finish and prevent adults from having to wait so long on site. Adults will still be able to weigh in early if they want to.

We also will be awarding medals directly after divisions are finished. We know you are excited to get your spot on the podium, so we have taken away all delays. As soon as any division finals have taken place, those division competitors are to proceed directly to the awards podium to receive their medals.

The last change we are announcing here is that all three person, double elimination brackets will now be held in the style of Round Robin. This means that all competitors will face each other at least once in all 3 person divisions. All other divisions will remain the same. We will post a layout of the new bracket style on the website.

We are always striving to provide the best tournaments around, and we can’t do that without the continued support and feedback from all of our friends and family. Please keep the feedback coming!

See you on the mats!

Rob Luhrs & Joshua Barnes

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