Tournament Rules


All Circle of Iron BJJ tournaments will now follow the JJGF rule book.  You can find the complete rule book by clicking the link below:

Download the Rules

All competitors are expected to have read and understood the complete rule book prior to competing.  Please contact us if you have questions.

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Round Lengths

Round lengths will follow the set JJGF guidelines. A complete listing of round lengths broken up by age bracket can be found below.

jjgf - divisions by age - round lengths


All competitors must demonstrate respect and sportsmanlike conduct at all times. Any competitor who attempts or appears to attempt to injure his/her opponent will be warned or disqualified.  Unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated. Please respect the officials, volunteers and the building at all times.

Illegal Techniques

For a list of illegal techniques click the image below.

jjgf - illegal techniques

Gi Requirements

  • Competitors must wear a clean proper-fitting uniform. The uniform must be in good condition and not be stretched, frayed, ripped, excessively baggy, or have any holes. There must be no obscenities printed on it. Brief-style underwear is mandatory. No thongs or boxers.
  • Clothing covering the head is allowed for religious beliefs as long as it is in good condition and must not be stretched, frayed, ripped, excessively baggy, have any holes, or excessively cumbersome as to prevent a grip or submission.
  • Joint protectors (knee braces, elbow braces, etc.) and hair ties, are permitted as long as they are not excessively cumbersome as to prevent a grip or submission.
  • Medical devices are allowed with a doctor’s permission, but they must not be too hard, interfere with a proper submission, or be excessively cumbersome in the opinion of the referee and medical staff.
  • Competitors must not wear any hard object: such as jewelry, pins, needles, glasses, protective cups, joint protectors, hair ties, unapproved footwear, or unapproved medical devices.
  • Competitors have the right to have their uniform checked up to 2 more times if their uniform fails the first inspection. They must be wearing all approved elbow/knee braces and medical devices at the time of the check.
  • The gi must be made of cotton or a cotton-like fabric. It must not be excessively cumbersome as to be thick enough to be hard to grip.
  • The gi top’s sleeves must reach no more than 5 cm from the competitor’s wrist when extended outward. The opening of the sleeve at full extension must be no less than 7 cm.
  • The gi top’s collar must be 5 cm wide and no more than 1.3 cm thick.
  • The gi top’s skirt must reach to the competitor’s thighs.
  • The gi pants must reach no more than 5 cm from the competitor’s ankle bone.
  • No other pants may be worn under the gi. Men must not wear anything under the gi top. Women must wear a tight-fitting shirt, sports bra, or rash-guard under their gi top.
  • The gi must be a solid color either white, blue, or black. The pants and top must match. The belt must be in a good condition.

Click on the image below to view a detailed breakout of Gi requirements.

patch allowance

Hygiene Requirements

Toenails and fingernails must be trimmed.  Personal hygiene (cleanliness and odor-free) must be observed by all competitors. Shoes MUST be worn in bathrooms!

Division and Brackets

Divisions will be combined, canceled, or changed as necessary to provide the best competition possible.